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If you're happy, we're happy!

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"Tracey's skill, understanding & kindness has helped expand our rescued Springer's world through social play-days."

Jean & Michael Gulak, Burlington, Ont.

"Our dogs get so excited, every time we turn into the Country Haven driveway!"

Kevin and Julia Piercey, Ancaster, Ont.

"Country Haven is unique among the new trend of dog play oriented boarding facilities.  They stand out thanks to owner Tracey Jarrett.  While most places lump all dogs in together or separate them by size only, Tracey’s extensive background in training and canine behavior allows her to ensure that appropriate dogs are put together based on temperament, personality and suitability not just size.  On a professional level, I have recommended Country Haven to owners with dog social pets for boarding, day care or just half day play dates.  On a personal level, Country Haven is one of only two places that I can trust with my special dogs and know that they are safe and happy when I’m away.  This allows us to enjoy our vacation, not stress about our dogs back home."

Joan Weston B.Sc.,
Fangs But No Fangs,
Canine Behavioral Consulting Service

"There's no where else that I would even consider leaving my dogs."

Leslie Egger, Oakville, Ont.

"Country Haven provides everything I want for my dogs. Personalized attention, great exercise and the chance to socialize, and the unique aspect of all of  the care being provided by Tracey Jarret. Tracey's dog experience, her behavioral and veterinary knowledge and the fact that she is a trainer make her that much more qualified then most to care for the dogs. My guys love it so much they get out of the car and do not look back. I feel like they got to go on a fun vacation whenever they are there. As a professional trainer, behaviorist and very picky pet owner, my pick for my dogs is Country Haven and has been for years. The feedback from my training clients that go there is the same. It is a cut above and the dogs just love it. You cannot put a price on the piece of mind you get when you do not worry about your dogs when left in such excellent care."

Diane McWhinnie,
Scholars in Collars Dog Training

"We thank our lucky stars that we found Country Haven Kennels. Tracey's knowledge, experience and love of animals make it the perfect place to board our dog. Murphy loves his visits!"

Brian Thwaits & Elizabeth Wakeford

"If our dogs weren't in our own home, I wouldn't want them to be anywhere but at Country Haven!"

Barbara Westermann, Stouffville, Ont.

"My 2 dogs have been going to Country Haven since they were both 4 months old. They both go twice a week for six hours of fun, play and loving... then they crash contentedly on the couch for the next 24 hours... I'm loving it... Thanks Tracey "

Michele Campbell, Waterdown, Ont.

I refuse to face the fact that Misty, my very dog-social dog, probably loves Tracey and Country Haven more than she does me and home!!  My dogs have been going to Country Haven for years, for periods of a weekend to a month, and I never have a moment's concern.  The original recommendation came from my vet, and we've never looked back.

Elizabeth Cox, Lowville, Ont.

We don't trust our Golden Lab "Breeze" with just anyone but we leave her with Tracey at Country Haven. My only regret is that Country Haven isn't closer so Breeze could enjoy regular playdays. We also love the flickr pictures Tracey posts of the dogs who stay with her - "great photos".

Lynn Giles and Ian Hutchison, Oakville, Ont .

Country Haven- it's more like Country HEAVEN for dogs.!!!!
We had never kenneled our last dog as the kids were young and we took her wherever we went.I workd in the animal field for many years and we would have to send strays to any kennel that had room and going to visit them to take pictures I was NOT comfortable sending our dog there. Yes other kennels provided shelter and food but a much loved dog that is truly a family member as is our Cassee (a Golden Retriever) would NOT have understood and we didn't want that for her.

When Cassee was 7 months old , spayed and all shots I heard from a friend about Country Haven, so wanted to see for ourselves.

We arranged an "assessment" day as Tracey wants to gurantee the dog is healthy, social and non agressive- this really impressed me.

We needed to find a great place for her now that the kid s were grown and we would we would be travelling to places that diid not accept dogs- which is understandable.

We went up for her assesment and all her papers and were greeted by Tracey who explained how Country Haven works and answered all my questions.

Cassee passed the assement as I thought she would and we have never looked back. For the last six years Country Haven has been her second home- she goes there happy and comes home happy and that made it clear to us we had REALLY lucked out in finding such a great kennel.

Several years ago we had to take her to another kennel- far more expensive and basically they are caged for the majority of the time-you pay an extra fee for everything including a ten minute walk!!!!As it was an emergency family matter we had no choice but to take her to this other place for three days.The dog we took there (Cassee) took over a week to get back to her naturally happy self after the stay at this other place. It was only because Tracey was on holidays that we were forced to go elsewhere.We now work OUR holidays around Tracey's much deserved holidays- that way we know we are sending her to a place where she can run like the wind, play with other dogs and come home tired but happy.

We love our dog and she loves Tracey and Country Haven- of that there is no doubt.I would strongly recommend Country Haven to anyone who REALLY cares about their p et's well being and happiness when their guardians are away.

Greatfully we found Tracey and Country Haven. Thank you for caring Tracey.

Most Sincerely, M.J. Fisher

We cannot even begin to express our happiness and gratitude to Tracey and Country Haven. All our dogs are rescues - one in particular has some special needs, so until Tracey was recommended to us, finding someone we could trust with them had proven extremely difficult. My husband had a last minute trip and I could not get the time off work and was absolutely panicked about our three dogs - I took them to Country Haven's daycare and the rest is history! Country Haven is simply wonderful. From the moment I dropped the dogs off, I could breathe and knew there was no need for worry. Our dogs took to Tracey right away and are excited and happy to see her every morning... I even think a little sad to leave her when I pick them up! Tracey was truly amazing with our little special needs guy. I knew she understood him and would do everything possible to make his time at Country Haven positive and happy, and she absolutely did. We would never leave our dogs anywhere else! Thanks again Tracey! .

Elaine and Jason, Burlington, Ont.



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