Top Boarding and Training Tips from Country Haven Kennels
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We know you love your dogs!

We love ours too. And because we've had so many years of experience in caring for, boarding, training and looking after many dogs from many breeds in all sizes and shapes, we've assembled a top list of tips over the years that we hope you'll find helpful.

Dog Care Tips
Frequently Asked Questions

Country Haven's List of Boarding & Dog Care Tips:

Dropping off Your Dogs - What You Need to Know
Please bring your dog on a leash wearing a flat clip style collar. NO CHOKE CHAINS or martingale style collars are accepted at Country Haven.

You must bring your dogs food and please bring any medications your dog requires. Each should be clearly labeled as to what they are, with the dosages.

Dog Care Tips by Country Haven Kennels


Group sizes and types are determined and matched up according to age, size, and enthusiasm of the dogs.

Picking Up Your Dogs After Their Stay at Country Haven
Please bring a leash with you when you pick up your dog since it will have been given back to you when you dropped your dog off.

This is exciting!
Your dog will be excited to see you when you arrive to pick them up, as well as when they get home. Being so excited could cause then to want to drink and eat excessively when they get home.

We recommend that you limit their water and food intake for a few hours after getting home. Otherwise they might overindulge and get an upset stomach. Many dogs are tired for a day or two when they go home. They might need a few days to recover from playing with all their friends.

Country Haven Kennel's Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can my dogs stay together?
Since we are an open concept kennel all the dogs are all together.

Q: What is an open concept kennel?
An open concept kennel is different than your typical kennel in that all the dogs get to socialize and hang out together. Which means that all dogs coming to Country Haven must enjoy the company of other dogs. Before being accepted at Country Haven all dogs must pass an assessment day.

Q: What is involved in the assessment day?
The assessment day involves dropping your dog off for a minimum of five hours to see how they fit in with the Country Haven gang. This is done on a week day if at all possible. In our assessment we are looking to see if your dog will love it here at Country Haven. We assess their interaction with other dogs looking for any behavioral or emotional issues that may need to be addressed. As well we are looking to see how they do when separated from you and your home environment.

Q: Do you ever turn dogs away? Will you ever tell me that my dog cannot come back?
All dogs are continually assessed for their social skills. Any dog who becomes anti social or aggressive will be removed from the group and not allowed to return to Country Haven.

Q: My dog is not neutered, is this a problem?
Dogs must be neutered or spayed to come to Country Haven Kennel. Exceptions are made for puppies, young dogs and special circumstances.

Q: How many dogs do you have at any one time?
Our maximum capacity is thirty dogs.

Q: Will my little dog go out with the bigger dogs?
Smaller dogs and larger dogs do get to have supervised play time together but only if the smaller dogs enjoy the company of the larger dogs and the larger dogs are totally appropriate with smaller dogs.

Q: How much time is my dog outside?
This of course depends on the weather.  Our goal is to allow as much outdoor time as the dogs desire.

Q: My dog is on a special diet can I bring my own food?
All dogs are required to come with their own food.  We do not want to upset their system by changing diets. Country Haven is fully equipped with a fridge, freezer and to handle raw diets.

Q: What vaccinations does my dog require?
Your dog requires any or all the vaccines that both you and your veterinarian determine to be in your pet’s best interest. 
Important:  Your dog should NOT have any vaccinations within two weeks prior to coming to Country Haven.

Important:  The bordetella vaccine for kennel cough is not mandatory for your dog to come to Country Haven.  If you choose to get this vaccine your dog MUST NOT have it within two weeks of coming to Country Haven.

Q: Do you provide grooming services? Does my dog get a bath before coming home?
No we are a dog boarding and doggy daycare facility only. We do not provide grooming or bathing services.

Q: Can I contact you while I am away to see how my dog is doing?
Absolutely.  We welcome your calls or emails checking on your loved one(s)

Q: What happens if my pet gets sick or requires medical attention?
We will always attempt to contact your own veterinarian since they are familiar with your pet’s history.  If your veterinarian is not available then we will use our own vet, or the emergency veterinarian clinic.  All fees associated with any medical care will be added to your invoice.

Q: Why do you need an emergency contact person?
Your emergency contact person will be responsible for making any decisions regarding your dog’s health.  Please make sure that your emergency contact person is in agreement with being your contact person and that they will be available while you are away. 

Q: If my plans change can I send someone to pick up my dog?
Yes, but ONLY with advanced notice from you.  We will not release your dog without your permission.

Q: If my plans change, can I delay my pick up date/time?
If you need to delay or change your pick up day or time, do not worry.  There will always be room for your dog to stay until you are back home.  Just let us know as soon as possible and we can change the schedule.


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